Vancouver-Hastings Climate Action Team


Between June 25 and July 1 of 2021, we reached temperatures never before seen in recorded history. We lost lives due to the heat. Our neighbours in the Interior lost homes, lives, and an entire town to fire.  

We all feel it—the clock is ticking on our future. We must transition away from fossil fuels and make sure we are ready for the impacts that are already upon us.  

The province has a climate change mitigation and adaptation plan, CleanBC. This plan sets out clear emission reduction targets and details the pathway to achieving these targets. It also includes information, resources, and programs to help communities respond to climate change.  

The truth is – we have work to do. This community is full of passionate people with knowledge and experience of what is needed at a local level.   

So, let’s work together.  

I am launching a Vancouver-Hastings Climate Action Team to take climate action to a community level. With your help, our community will be better prepared to face the impacts of climate change and protect our most vulnerable. Your input will help me understand the community’s needs to effectively engage decision-makers and stakeholders at all levels. And together we can support our neighbourhood to adapt and mitigate.   

This is our community and our future. I know we can face the challenges in front of us by working together.  


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